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CopyCatch is a web portal for easy online copyright registration. It is the brain child of Joe Sofer.  Joe is an intellectual property lawyer with over quarter century of experience.  He is a graduate of Columbia University and New York Law school.  He has received many awards and honors in both engineering and law.  During his many years representing clients in complex copyright issues, Joe realized that many individuals and companies neglect to register their valuable copyrights because of costs or logistics.

In the United States an author owns the copyright as soon as the work is created. However copyright registration provides valuable benefits such as the right to sue for infringement and the right to collect statutory damages and attorney fees.  As a result Joe launched CopyCatch which is a web portal designed to enable copyright owners to register their works from their smart phones, tablets or desktops, with ease, comfort and affordable fees.

CopyCatch is not a law firm.  It’s a user friendly website that allows you to register your copyrights online and store all your registrations on your Dashboard.  You can follow the status of your online copyright registration and applications from your Dashboard.  You can also have access to the work that you have uploaded to our website from anywhere.  We try to keep up with the latest issues on copyright registration and pass on that information to you through our FAQ’s.  You can now register your creative work by using your smartphone.  Just take a picture of your work from anywhere you are, or upload your recordings or videos, provide the necessary information and you are on your way to protect your rights.