Copyright Registration – Register Your Copyright Online

CopyCatch is a web portal for easy online copyright registration. In the United States an author owns the copyright as soon as the work is created. However copyright registration provides valuable benefits such as the right to sue for infringement and the right to collect statutory damages and attorney fees. CopyCatch is not a law firm.  It’s a user friendly website that allows you to register your copyrights online and store all your registrations on your Dashboard.  You can follow the status of your online copyright registration and applications from your Dashboard. Sign up for free and try it today!

Expedited Copyright Registration

Do you need to expedite a copyright registration filing? If your application qualifies under one of three special circumstances as defined by the Copyright Office, your application can be considered for expedited copyright registration. Once the Copyright Office approves a special handling claim, the expedited processing time is reduced to 5 business days.

You can now use Copycatch to submit at special handling claim with your copyright application, for faster copyright registration. Sign up today or contact us to get started.